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The Jump Start: Digital Business Funding Course

The Jumpstart: Digital Business Funding Course (On Demand) was curated for the brand new and the most experienced entrepreneur. This ON-DEMAND digital downloadable course is designed to walk you through how to: build a sustainable business plan, properly set up and register your business, build your digital & physical presence and how to access & take advantage of various avenues of business funding. Lite version of The Jump Start available for business owners that want to dive directly in the funding section of the course! Additional details below. Presale event happening now! Enroll to take advantage of special limited time pricing.

Check out the Curriculum Below

Online Class

Presale Price  $200   Regular Price $400

Early Enrollment Discount:
50% OFF!!
Join Waitlist for the 2nd Quarter 2022 Enrollment!


The Jump Start - Lite

If your business is already planned, registered and at the operational stage, we have released a lite version of the Jump Start on-demand digital course just for you. This course version skips all the of the steps that you have already checked off the list and jumps directly into funding opportunities and the business credit process!

Presale Price $137  $275

Early Enrollment Discount:

50% OFF!!

You are ready to Jump Start if you want to:

Establish your Business Operations

You are an aspiring entrepreneur that wants to ensure that you're starting your business on a solid foundation or an existing business owner that has operated a business without proper setup and registration.

Stop Draining your Personal Savings

You have used up most of your savings to get your business off the ground, and have searched for any and every alternative. Follow the H413 proven process to take your business from limited funding to funding approvals in 60 days or less!

Course Access

Early enrollees have access to special discounted pricing for a limited time. Course materials will be sent by email on the official launch date for 2nd Quarter Enrollment. At that time, course will be priced at the regular rate.

Keyboard and Mouse

Jump Start Curriculum

Module 1: Business Planning

In this section, you will learn the foundational principles of creating a business plan. This section also explores how you should go about outlining your financial projections.

Module 2: Business Registration

In this section, you will learn how to structure and register your business. We will explore and review how to access and complete all required documentation when registering on the state and federal levels. We also cover how to setup your business credit profile, expanding your access to funding opportunities.

Module 3: Establishing your Digital and Physical Presence

When applying for funding, it is important to have an established business presence. Let us walk you through easy avenues of setting up your business website, social channels and professional contact mediums. We will also discuss the importance of having a presence in the top business directories.

Module 4: The Funding Process & Opportunities

Stressed about funding your business and tired of draining your personal finances to do so? In this section, we explore various funding options that will help you operate your business, without breaking your piggy bank. We will deep dive into business credit, low-interest federal & private loans and grants. Follow our proven process to put your business in position to receive approvals in 60 days or less.

On-Demand Course

Self-paced learning

Access on the go

Q&A accessibility to H413 Professionals

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