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Exceeding Your Expectations

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Business Registration & Licensing

Giving Your Business a Solid Foundation

Business formation services help you decide which business structure best suits your needs and goals, and then register your business. We take care of everything – from making sure you follow all the required steps to successfully registering your business with the federal, state and local government agencies that require it.

Market Analysis

Business Branding & Marketing

Providing Expert Guidance

At Harris 413 Consulting, we don’t just create generic marketing materials, we take the time to get to know your business and provide the exact support you need. As a result, our services are always tailored to your goals, your target audience and the particular outcome you want from your campaign. Unlike traditional branding firms, we focus on more than just one aspect of marketing. We provide website development, business flyers and brochures, animations and much more

Business Conference

Grant Applications & Funding Requests

Funding your future

The biggest hurdle for new and developing businesses is the need for capital and resources to expand their capacity. At Harris 413 Consulting, we offer extensive coverage of grant applications, funding processing, and consultation on methods to fund your future, from individual programs to extensive plans to help you succeed in your field, with options starting as low as $55.

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Additional Business Services

Support your future

Do you need a resume built, or a brochure developed and printed? Sometimes all you need is a simple helping hand - let us get you started on a path of success with our resume building and other miscellaneous services.

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