The Process

The path to success


The first step on the path

What do you need to succeed? What are your plans for the future? What resources are available to you to help you on your path? 
These questions and more are the ones we will ask and help you answer to determine what resources we can help you acquire to ensure your business has everything it needs to have the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Getting Coffee


The foundation of your future

Our process to success will find what documentation, forms, and files you will need for the path ahead. Your decisions during the consultation will guide what opportunities we have found for you, and we will work closely with you to assemble the requirements to ensure the establishment of a bright financial future for your enterprise.

Giving a Presentation


Turning a New Page

Once we have compiled all the documentation and forms necessary to complete your application, we will handle the red tape and minutiae necessary to complete the application and submit it to the relevant parties. Once submitted, we will monitor the application process and inform you of any additional steps needed, and keep you updated on its status as it processes.