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Grant Applications & Funding Requests

Funding your future

The biggest hurdle for new and developing businesses is the need for capital and resources to expand their capacity. At Harris 413 Consulting, we offer extensive coverage of grant applications, funding processing, and consultation on methods to fund your future, from individual programs to extensive plans to help you succeed in your field, with options starting as low as $99.

Grant Applications & Funding Requests: Services
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Small Business Digital Funding Packet

Writing Documents

Funding and Grant Management

To grow your business, additional funds always come in handy. We'll find every dime of grant funding we can to make sure you have the capital you need to succeed! A Harris 413 consultant will gather an inventory of funding opportunities, and business resources applicable to your industry. With this packet, you also have access to a free subscription to a monthly grant roundup e-mail blast!


From private funding locations, to public grants, we've got you covered! We'll make sure to get every bit of documentation filed accurately and quickly, allowing you to focus on other affairs while maximizing your chance at getting the funding you need to establish, grow and succeed with your business.

Starting at $150, +2.5% of resulting grant funding*

*Harris 413 Consulting does not acquire any percentage of funding from  Federal or State government grant awards

Grant Applications & Funding Requests: Services
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