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Executive Suite Service

The one-stop solution for starting your new business

With all the resources you need to get your business off on the right foot, the Harris 413 Consulting's Executive Suite Service handles everything a new business will need, from business plans, to websites, to funding and more, we'll get you covered from start to finish with every solution you need to start your business off on the right foot.

Executive Suite Service: About

Our Three Step Process

Outstanding Results delivered with an affordable price

The Executive Suite Service is priced reasonably, charging you a flat rate for each of the three steps that we take you through from start to finish, allowing you to put your funds where they're needed most rather than charging a heavy cost upfront, allowing you to spread out the cost of this valuable service over all three stages.

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Build your concept

This service includes an Expanded business plan, along with the help you need to get yourself started. Included in the cost at no extra charge is a full Silver website development package, bringing your aspiring business to the height of modern design and development, allowing you to place yourself in the best starting position possible, ready to deploy on day one of your business

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Handling the minutiae of business

The next stage of your business is getting all the documentation handled - from LLC paperwork, name registration, EIN and more, the Executive Suite service will smooth out each step of the path for you, allowing you to focus on the most important parts of your future success - your business.

Successful Work Team


Taking your business to the next level

Now your business is ready to soar - let's get the fuel to start it up. The Growth stage of your Executive Suite Service provides grant funding requests, documentation for investors and creditors, as well as the research needed to find every dime of potential funds you can get to jumpstart your business and power into your industry with every ounce of assistance we can give!

Executive Suite Service: Projects
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